Bill Cain and The World of Panama Hats

July 12, 2021
Initially from Canada before settling down in sunny Singapore, Bill is a man of craft who took his passion for Panama Hats and weaved it into Hat of Cain. These genuine Panama hats are mad...
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The Raglan Tee

July 08, 2021
As the internet history has taught us, the back stories behind common things can sometimes bring much insight (or humour) that would otherwise be taken for granted. For example T-shirts evolved f...
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10/10 For Tencel

June 30, 2021
MAKING TENCEL Tencel is a material created from eucalyptus trees. Using a unique drying method called spinning, eucalyptus wood pulp is ground and mixed with a chemical solvent. This mixture i...
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Cottoning On To Cotton

June 23, 2021
ABOUT COTTON Cotton is one of the oldest fabrics used by man, and is the most common and popular fabric used around the world. As a food and a fibre crop, the various parts of the cotton plant ca...
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Florence, Italy.

April 05, 2021
Impeccable tailoring on location at the Cathedral Santa Maria Del Fiore and the streets of Ponte Vecchio.
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Leisurely Pursuits

March 15, 2021
Exploring the notion of mindfulness and recreation, Leisurely Pursuits is about leisure wear that works for you when it comes to winding down.⁠
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