A close-up of wood buttons on a navy suit

Wood Buttons: Small Detail, Big Impact

In the world of fashion, there is a universal truth that often goes unnoticed but holds immeasurable power: small details can create a big impact. It's the subtleties, the intricacies and the tiny ...
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Transiting to Fall image

Transiting to Fall: Fall Fashion Trends

Men's fall fashion highlights the distinct allure of the season by embracing comfortable layering, a palette of earthy tones, timeless patterns, and textured fabrics to assemble a wardrobe that com...
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Out-of-office wear image

Out-of-office is in

Out-of-office wear offers a refreshing departure from corporate attire, harmonising comfort and style. From weekends to getaways, it encapsulates casual cool, allowing freedom to experiment with f...
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