Stripes: From Ancient Times To Modern Runways

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For centuries, stripes have been a popular pattern in fashion, and they continue to be a favourite among designers and consumers alike. This timeless trend has stood the test of time and has evolved to be a staple in many fashion collections. Whether you are looking to add some flair to your casual outfits or elevate your formal wear, stripes are the perfect pattern for any occasion. But did you know how this beloved pattern first originated?

Stripes first appeared in clothes for functional purposes, such as distinguishing various military levels and making identifying sailors who had fallen overboard easier. The traditional Breton stripe, which originated in France in the nineteenth century, is one of the most popular varieties of stripes. Originally worn by sailors, the basic blue and white horizontal stripes have since become a trademark of French fashion.

This distinguished pattern has been demonstrated to psychologically influence both the wearer and the viewer, with some studies claiming that they might make one appear taller or slimmer. Stripe colour and width can also influence how they are perceived, with narrower stripes being seen as more appealing and refined.

Design and outlook aside, stripes have appeared in numerous pop culture references, from the striped shirt worn by Waldo in "Where's Waldo?" books to the famous black and white stripes of Beetlejuice's suit. The Adidas three-stripe logo, which was originally designed to represent the company's three product lines, has become a recognizable symbol in the fashion world.

Coco Chanel famously incorporated stripes into her designs, inspired by the striped shirts worn by French sailors. The iconic black and white striped dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the film "Funny Face" helped to solidify stripes as a timeless pattern in fashion.

From ancient times to modern-day runways, stripes may appear to be a simple design, but this well-known fashion classic is steeped in history, psychology and pop culture. Whether subtle or bold, classic or contemporary, stripes have the ability to add dimension, style, and personality to any outfit. Stripes continue to attract and inspire designers and fashion enthusiasts alike, from their practical roots to their lasting popularity in the fashion industry.

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