An Outfit For Every Occasion

An outfit for every occasion

Have you ever gone through your wardrobe only to discover that you have nothing to wear? Whether you're heading for dinner at an upper-scale Italian restaurant or planning a night out at the clubs, these occasions require an outfit that’s not your basic t-shirt and jeans.

As a modern-day gentlemen’s outfitter, Benjamin Barker offers you something for every occasion. Here's some inspiration for you the next time you get dressed.

What To Wear To A Fancy Dinner

You'll want to invest in a casual blazer for this occasion because it quickly ups the formality of any ensemble. However, avoid wearing a casual blazer with jeans and instead choose dressier trousers, such as chinos.

As for shoes, you may choose between high-quality loafers, Chelsea boots or even a clean crisp pair of white leather sneakers.

What To Wear To The Club
When you're going clubbing, you can pair a high-quality black T-shirt with trousers (chinos or denim). Jewellery (a bracelet, ring or even a watch) is also recommended. You can also wear a button-up shirt to give off polished but not excessively formal vibes.

What To Wear To A Bar / Lounge
You can choose to dress more casually with distressed denim, sweatshirts and flannels. You can also choose a basic long-sleeve like a Henley and a pair of jeans or chinos. Overall, it’s pretty hard to go wrong here, just make sure your outfit is put together with some purpose.

What To Wear During Summer
Dressing for hot weather can be both easy and difficult. When it's hot outside, it's always easier to wear a T-shirt with a pair of shorts. However, you run the risk of appearing unstylish and blending in with the throng.

While you can’t layer, there are still lots of stylish options, like button-up shirts, polos, flowy shirts and even some simple streetwear-esque outfits.

What To Wear On A Date Night
Make a good impression and impress your date with how put together you can be.

Although showing up in a pair of plain jeans and a t-shirt is relatively easy, it's often preferable to be overdressed than underdressed, especially if you are unsure about the destination of the date.

A dressier alternative is usually a polo or quarter-zip with a pair of chic trousers. Any casual attire will look better with a plain t-shirt and an overshirt. Take these outfits into consideration when deciding on what to wear for your next date.

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