It’s the summer of 1964 and thousands of motorcyclists have descended upon British seaside towns, resulting in a historic clash of two youth subcultures. On one side of the boulevard, you had the anti-style of the ‘Rockers’; pompadours, leather jackets, rugged denim, Triton bikes and a soundtrack of 50’s rock ‘n’ roll. Antagonistically cruising the same coastal street’s were the immaculately groomed ‘Mods’ who favoured Lambretta scooters, button down shirts, skinny ties and Jamaican beat music.


The true story of the Mods & Rockers movement is forever immortalised in the film 'Quadrophenia', but perhaps it’s most indelible mark has been left on the world of men’s fashion.

Although divided, both the Mods and the Rockers were looking for a release from the humdrum of working class life by pursuing a passion for motorcycles, music and fashion. This cathartic pursuit of passion lies at the core of our photographic collaboration with Vintage Electric Cycles.


For one balmy afternoon, we set the cameras rolling and took these beautiful bikes out for a ride with the with the gentlemen from Hounds Of The Baskervilles. We also got to chat with Andrew Davidge, the founder/designer of Vintage Electric, about his pursuit of passion for electric motorcycles.

Benjamin Barker : What was the start of your journey with Vintage Electric? How did that happen and what were you doing before that?

Andrew Davidge : “Before Vintage Electric I was a student. I also spent most of my youth racing bikes around the United States, so bikes have always been in my blood. I ended up building one bike for myself and it all fell into place from there.”

BB : What is craft to you?

AD : “I think craft is being obsessively detailed about your passion. It could be creating leather belts or sculpting tea pots - it doesn't matter as long as you love it and put your full attention into it.”

BB : What are some challenges you face pursuing your craft?

AD : “Our two biggest problems are not having enough cash to build what we want, and governments not letting us sell it. We have a fantastic team that works very hard to get our bikes to as many customers around the world as possible.”

BB : Where do you draw your inspiration for your craft from?

AD : “Oh boy! Cars, Motorcycles, Architecture, Music, Nature, the list could go on forever. I think what truly catches my eye is anything that was thoughtfully designed to not just serve a purpose but serve that purpose beautifully.”

BB : What drives you to work every morning?

AD : “I ride a Vintage Electric to work every morning ;) but my motivation comes from building the perfect product that can drastically improve our customers lives.”

BB : What is your personal style?

AD : “My style is pretty simple. I wear clothes that I can mess up in the shop but I love anything that is functionally beautiful. I am not a big fan of over complicated design.”

BB : If you had a style icon, who would it be?

AD : "I am pretty into everything that Thomas Heatherwick does at the moment . He is an Architect from the UK that does some pretty awesome stuff."

Visit the Hounds of Baskervilles here.