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Out-of-office wear offers a refreshing departure from corporate attire, harmonising comfort and style. Take off that tie and give yourself the freedom to experiment with fabrics and colours while embracing your individuality.

The Quintessential Short Sleeve Shirt


Short sleeve shirts have emerged as the quintessential go-to choice for out-of-office wear. Their evolution from humble casual garment tocversatile fashion staple reflects their adaptability. What truly defines their appeal is the wide array of fabrics, patterns and colours they come in, allowing you to customise your look and express your unique style.

Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of solid colours, the understated charm of subtle prints or the bold, tropical designs with vacation vibes, short sleeve shirts serve as the cornerstone of a well-curated out-of-office wardrobe. Their comfort and effortless style make them the ideal choice for a laid-back day at the beach or a boys night out in the city.

Striking that balance between comfort and style

For men, round neck tees are more than just clothing: they're a reflection of one's personality and lifestyle. These staples epitomise the balance between comfort and style, making them the go-to choice for those moments when it's time to step out of the office.

Benjamin Barker Crew Pocket Tee Cypress
Benjamin Barker Crew Pocket Tee Wren

The Crew Pocket Tee, a timeless and adaptable essential in men's out-of-office attire, embodies a harmonious fusion of comfort, simplicity and style. These t-shirts have evolved from modest beginnings to become a platform for personal expression.



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