How a quality suit can pay dividends

Benjamin Barker Men's Suits article

Before Barney Stinson came along and popularised "suiting up," suits have always been stylish. Suiting up is a confidence booster as well as a symbol of power. There is a lot of psychology behind why wearing a suit makes one appear more put together, confident, and sophisticated.

An element of our non-verbal communication is how we present ourselves. Clothes convey information about who we are to others just like our facial expression, body language, and gestures do before we even have a chance to speak. Whether you like it or not, what you wear counts.

Why is it that men and women in suits look more powerful and attractive?

Suits are status symbols and high status is often associated with recognition, prestige, and social acceptance. Who doesn't want to be loved, after all? Suits can also be used to advance in social standing.

It's not only a popular saying that you should "dress for success" or "dress for the job you desire, not the one you have." A specific job or accomplishment is frequently communicated when it comes to dressing.

Suits and other formal wear is a terrific way to convey professionalism and even earn respect. Suits also aid in keeping a certain amount of social distance, less personable yet also more professional.

But putting aside the corporate sphere, why do people who wear suits frequently exude confidence? It also has a relationship to body language. Physically, wearing a suit prevents you from slouching excessively or adopting a position that would be too cosy or familiar. They're holding you back so you can seem professional.

How wearing a suit influences your thinking

When you get dressed, your brain is getting dressed as well. People who wear suits tend to feel more powerful. In addition, wearing a suit alters the way you think. Those who wear suits, for instance, frequently see themselves as more capable and logical, whereas those who dress casually see themselves as friendlier and more laid-back.

Clothes are a way to express our identity. Who we are on the inside becomes visible to the outside. What is so attractive about a suit one might ask? The answer to this question lies in the laws of society. When a person is dressed in a suit, it oozes classiness, power, and chances are you’d get a second look. It's like a cloak of armour in today’s world. It's alright if wearing suits isn't your thing. But perhaps dressing up will give you the confidence boost you require to land your ideal job or date.

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