Between The Lines with Choo Hou Ren & Joel

Benjamin Barker Father's Day Legacy

Since the Middle Ages, Father’s Day has been celebrated as a holiday to honour the influence of dads and father-figures in society. This is the story of a father and son. Of the unbreakable bond between them, the lessons they teach and the love they share. A father and son legacy.

Between The Lines Choo Houren Joel

A son often mirrors his father, reflecting the stories he embodies, capturing the moments he creates, following his father's footsteps, in pursuit of his passion and purpose. Choo Hou Ren, 67 and his son Joel, 27 both pursued acting, leaving a legacy that is still impacting.

Between The Lines Choo Houren Joel

There's no denying that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. As the adage goes, "like father, like son", it's clear to see Joel inherits his looks and talent from his dad. Hou Ren, with more than 30 years of acting chops under his belt is now sharing the same stage as his son, making history.

Choo Hou Ren acting

"The key to good acting is to be honest with your emotions. If you can tap into how you really feel, then your performance will be that much more believable."

Hou Ren

Joel Choo acting

"It was inspiring to see how he could take something so simple and make it so mesmerising. His advice has stuck with me throughout my career, and it's something I try to keep in mind whenever I'm performing."


Choo Hou Ren and Joel Choo behind the scenes

We've witnessed a common sight in the Choo household. Coach dad, Hou Ren in action with script reading, rehearsals and directing his son, Joel. What started as a shared passion and dream, has turned into a powerful acting team.

"There's nothing quite like spending time at home with my dad. He is very passionate about his craft and loves teaching me everything he knows. From character analysis to rehearsals, I’m constantly learning something new."



Choo Hou Ren and Joel Choo Home

It's not all about work and no play in the family. When they're not working, both father and son bond over their shared passion in basketball.

Choo Hou Ren and Joel Choo Basketball NBA
Choo Hou Ren and Joel Choo Basketball NBA

It's all about having a good time and supporting their favourite team while watching a fantastic game, being in high spirits, and having a laugh.

Choo Hou Ren and Joel Choo Basketball NBA

"My father is also a big fan of goofing around and making things fun. He often says that the best way to learn is by doing, and I definitely think that's true. After all, if it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be half the actor I am today."


Choo Hou Ren and Joel Choo childhood photos

"One of my favourite things to do is chat with my dad about life. He's always full of stories and wisdom, and I feel incredibly blessed to be his son."


Choo Hou Ren and Joel Choo at home

"Looking at the old childhood photos, I'm reminded of how much my father has influenced my life. As busy as he was as an actor, he's always been there for me through thick and thin, and I know I can always count on him."


Joel Choo and Choo Hou Ren at home
Choo Hou Ren looks at Joel


"My boy is now a young man. My dream is for us to star in a film together as father and son."

厚任 Hou Ren

Choo Hou Ren Joel Choo photo memories
Joel Choo taking care of Choo Hou Ren

"The Father loves the Son and includes Him in everything He is doing."

John 5:20


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