A Pastiche Paris Postcard

Benjamin Barker Nouchi Cinder Suit with Blush Organic Tennis Polo

“Elegance resides in the perfect harmony of thoughts, words, acts, gestures, attitudes, and costumes. It is through costume that elegance expresses itself most quickly.” 
- Pierre-Eugène Veber, French poet & playwright

The Parisian style is a sublime blend of chicness and minimalism. From the city's grand boulevards and charming cafés to the scent of fresh rain and coffee, Paris exudes an exquisite, understated elegance. 

Paris, itself, is a lifestyle.

This city epitomises a lifestyle where each element, like its architecture, radiates timeless grandeur. Parisian fashion mirrors this ambiance with a perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication, creating an atmosphere that is both majestic and charming, embodying the essence of Parisian culture and style.

Parisian Architecture
Parisian Style

Parisian Style in Men

Morning strolls to local cafés see men in impeccably tailored blazers, crisp shirts, and flawlessly fitted trousers, reflecting an effortless blend of comfort and style. Dominated by neutral hues—blacks, whites, and beiges—their polished looks reflect a sophisticated aesthetic. 

The cultural richness of Parisian life, from art galleries to intimate dinners, is echoed in their sartorial choices—each piece is meticulously chosen for its quality and ability to transition seamlessly through various daily activities, showcasing a refined yet relaxed demeanour.

Benjamin Barker Studios Paris
Shelves of fabrics
Parisian Style
a Paris coffeeshop
Nathan Hellard unrolling a bolt of fabric
Parisian Style
Men in suits walking on streets of Paris
Men in suits walking on streets of Paris
Man wearing Benjamin Barker Studio suits

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