The Raglan Tee

The Raglan Tee

As the internet history has taught us, the back stories behind common things can sometimes bring much insight (or humour) that would otherwise be taken for granted.

For example

  • T-shirts evolved from being undergarments, to later being marketed at men who couldn’t sew or replace buttons
  • We always leave the last button on a blazer unfastened because of a king’s prosperous girth. 

Which brings us to the Raglan Tee (often referred to as a baseball shirt), whose humble origins begun in 1855 with FitzRoy Somerset, 1st Baron Raglan, who had his arm amputated due to injuries sustained at the Battle of Waterloo.

FitzRoy Somerset by William Salter, 1838—1840

The Battle of Waterloo by William Sadler II, 1851

Following the loss of his arm, the construction of his clothing were modified to create a wider underarm area, making it easier for Lord Raglan to continue performing everyday tasks such as dressing himself with only one arm, or swinging a sword.

And thus the Raglan sleeve was born.

In today’s world where keyboards have replaced swords, the Raglan design makes it extremely practical for garments such as work jackets and sports tops, allowing one to comfortably lift their arms without any restriction, accommodating all body size and shapes.

Our Organic Pima Raglan Tees

Crafted from 100% Organic US Pima Cotton that is used in less than 1% of the world’s cotton products, our Raglan Tees are smooth to the touch, luxuriously soft, and superbly comfortable. Experience one of the most comfortable tees today. 

We’re sure Lord Raglan would approve.


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