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BB Tailors is located at B Store, The Cathay, Singapore, #01-22/23

Tuesdays to Fridays 11am - 7pm (last appointment)
Saturdays 12pm - 8pm (last appointment)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do we need to book an appointment?
We would advise you to do so as this would allow us to provide a better and more efficient flow for our customers.
Every appointment will take up about 30 mins. Walk-ins are subjected to availability.
*Please avoid wearing baggy jeans, sweatpants and hoodies for the appointment.

Q: How long is the waiting time for the clothes?
Shirts and pants will take 2 weeks. Suits take approximately 4 - 5 weeks as this will include several fitting sessions.
Additional charges may apply for expedited cases.

Q: Would it help if we were to bring our favourite pair of clothing as reference?
Yes! This will give us an idea of your preferred fits and together with our expertise, we can work towards a more accurate piece for you.