Soft - Sustainable. Organic. Functional. Timeless.

We’ve gone Soft.

And by soft, we mean.......
Sustainable. Organic. Functional. Timeless.

From surf to sofa, our Soft Collection is all about dressed-down comfort.

Designed with intention and an emphasis on function, every piece is created with sustainable fabric and the belief that no detail is too small.

Going back to the origins of seed and earth, just as the organic cotton farmer hones his craft with a deep respect for landscape diversity and soil preservation that is free from GMO and chemical pesticides, Benjamin Barker works in harmony with the human body and take the utmost care to use only the highest quality raw materials and dedicated craftsmanship to design for longevity.

Sourced and made from organic and sustainable materials, let’s find out more about the fabrics used in Soft.

Organic Long Staple Cotton
Grown in the organic soil free of pesticides and chemicals, our high quality long staple cotton is derived from the original lisle cotton.
The fibres are combed to remove imperfections, then twisted together to create a strong, but fine cotton thread, resulting in a smooth yarn and timeless garments that are soft and breathable.

Long Staple Supima Cotton
In the long and short of it, the length does go the distance. As the staple length increases, so does cotton’s soft, silky feel.
Grown only in the west and southwest states of California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, Supima cotton has a superior, extra-long staple fibre that provides strength and softness. Over time, rather than pilling into a fluff ball, it actually becomes softer.

Sourced and made from the wood pulp of renewable eucalyptus trees, TENCEL™️ Modal fibers are known for being exquisitely soft and pleasant to the skin. Exhibiting high flexibility, this biodegradable fabric is extremely durable, breathable, cooling and smooth.

Botanic origin, sustainable production, gentle on skin, long-lasting softness, contributes to breathability, colour retention and biodegradability. Need we say more?

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